Authentic Jamaican Jerk Wings


Chicken wings marinated Jamaican style and grilled serve with Cilantro Lime Sauce (Sour cream, cilantro leaves, lime juice, honey and salt)

Authentic Jamaican jerk Shrimp


Shrimp marinated Jamaican style and grilled serve with Cilantro Lime Sauce

Piri piri Chicken Wings


Grilled chicken marinated in red chili, lemon and African spices (also called peri-peri or pili-pili)

Coconut Shrimp


Butterflied and breaded jumbo shrimp fried crisp and served with dipping sauce.

Miniature Empanadas or Turnovers


Delightful pastry filled with Spicy beef, Spinach & cheese, Spicy chicken served Cilantro-Garlic Sauce

Fish Roll


Savory flaked fish wrapped and baked in pastry

Fried Calamari


Tender calamari, lightly breaded and fried. Served with marinara sauce and creamy ranch.

Suya Platter


Grilled beef, Shrimp, liver, gizzard, Bacon or chicken rubbed with assorted spices and peanut sauce.

Spicy Gizzard


A stir fry of gizzard toasted in spicy tomato stew

Fried mussel


Deep fried mussels in a light, crispy batter done Greek style, with some Mediterranean spices in the flour, and served with garlicky skordalia dipping sauce.

Fried Deviled Egg


Deep fried deviled eggs

Deviled Egg


Spicy Bacon, Shrimp, Avocado or Classic

Bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers


Wrap the stuffed jalapenos up with bacon, bake until the bacon is crisp

Bacon wrapped pineapple


Super simple savory and sweet appetizer bites made with bacon and pineapple.

Hawaiian roll Ham Slider


Ham and cheese sliders made with Hawaiian sweet rolls and buttered with poppy seed sauce

Homemade Chicken Nuggets


Salmon Cakes


Crab Cakes


Cocktail Shrimps


Buffalo Wings (Mild or Spicy)


Fried Chicken Wings


Honey Wings


Egg Rolls


Shrimp Rolls


  • Prices listed Half Tray (Serves 8-12) / Full Tray (Serves 16 – 20)
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • NJ State Tax Applicable
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