Piri Piri meat

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Grilled chicken ($49.00/$82.00), Pork ribs ($70.00/$130.00), turkey wing ($70.00/$130.00), shrimp ($49.00/$82.00) marinated in red chili, lemon and African spices (also called peri-peri or pili-pili)

Authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken


Authentic Jamaican Jerk Pork ribs


Authentic Jamaican Jerk Turkey Wings


Chicken, Pork and Turkey is marinated Jamaican style and grilled

Baked Chicken


Grilled fish

See price below

Tilapia: This white fish has a mild flavor similar to sea bass, and is grilled to flaky perfection.$75/$140

Salmon: With a texture like a steak, this fish has a clean full flavor, grilled and smothered in our signature creamy garlic butter. $90/$170

Grilled Dibi


Grilled Goat meat or Lamb with mustard and onion

Grilled Steak


Grilled Rib-eye  or Sirloin marinated overnight

BBQ Beef Ribs


Liver in Onion


The liver and the onions are usually fried and cooked together

Grilled Baby Back Ribs


The most popular of all pork ribs, Baby Backs are the most lean and tender.

Grilled Vegetable Assortment


Grilled eggplant, zucchini, portobello mushrooms, peppers, red onion, yellow squash and fennel drizzled with herb-infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken suya


Chicken breast seasoned with African spices and ground peanuts. Spicy or mild

Beef Suya


Goat Suya


Suya is a meat kebab coated with crushed groundnuts (peanuts) and chili peppers plus other native spices.

Baked Salmon


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