Weekly Meal

How it Works
Do you love Afro-Caribbean food, but you are too busy to cook daily? It’s easy! More than 100 people do this each week. Here’s how they do it…

We provide authentic West African and Caribbean meals freshly cooked by hand. Our meals are delivered fresh-chilled in special insulated coolers that keep the food chilled like a fridge during transit. We stock up your fridge and freezer for later so you don’t have to worry about what you or your family will be eating during the week, giving you time to focus on more important things.
Are you too busy to cook? Are you a new mom, new in town or having a celebration? You deserve a much needed break from the kitchen? Well now you can order one of our meal boxes and have it delivered directly to you. You could buy your friends or family member, one of our gift vouchers, a lovely surprise giving them the flexibility to choose what they’d like to order. Our catering option offers you a stress free alternative to spending hours in the kitchen preparing for your guests.
We are an extension of Cuisine228

1 – You Place an Order (Email us at Cuisine228@hotmail.com)
Use the form above to place your order by Wednesday to get your meals delivered on Sunday. Don’t worry about deciding what you want for each meal because we create a variety of delicious and healthy meals for you! Our customers LOVE the tasty surprise of opening the meals each day!
2 – We Deliver Your Meals
You get a week’s worth of amazing Afro-Caribbean Meals delivered on the following Sunday. They come carefully packaged in coolers to keep your food fresh and ready to eat. What’s a week’s worth of meals? Well, you get 7 meals (The meal can be packed in 1 container for families).
You can enjoy them as lunches or dinners. Just heat them up and they are ready to eat, enjoy a stress free week and do not spend time shopping and cooking!
$12/person/meal + delivery-cooler usage = $94 /week for a single or $170/week for a couple

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